‘Are we solving the wrong problem perfectly?’ And other notes from our systems transformation and strategic recovery sessions

High level recap of our four part (virtual) series


Session 1: The Portfolio and Transformational Capital Case — insights from EIT Climate-KIC

  • how the financial sector at large (and many sustainable finance approaches) are limited in their potential to fuel transformative change;
  • why the transformation of place-based systems require a different investment logic;
  • and how “Transformation Capital” responds to this need

“One thing that is important, yet often overlooked: how do we create change at the scale that matters? The only thing that has potential to scale is an idea.”

“You can’t design at the white board- you have to go to the field and test it”

“… climate finance is often done through debt lending, but there are many other instruments that we could tap into. We have to move away from a single asset paradigm — which is why systemic investing is great for portfolio approaches.”

Watch: https://bit.ly/STRATEGICAUGUSTSERIESAUG4YOUTUBE | slides: https://bit.ly/TRANSCAPSLIDESAUG4

Session 2: The Role of Social Capital Infrastructure and Systemic Entrepreneurs

“Acknowledging power dynamics — may sound like a soft factor, but it’s really important for collaborations and we can’t stress that enough.”



Session 3: Exploring a Mission Oriented, Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Complex Challenges — the case of Plastics in Indonesia

“We were guided by two big questions: what happens to plastic pollution in Indonesia if we go along with business as usual? Second: how do we bring the levels down to 70% by 2025 and near zero by 2040?”


Session 4: Navigating Risk, Complexity and Uncertainty

“the only way to deal with the unexpected is to invest in experimentation…risk is a measurable uncertainty — it requires that you deal with events and circumstances; uncertainty is unquantifiable and can’t be measured.”

“on extreme uncertainty: we need to experiment and learn by doing; if we don’t know where things are going we need to experiment, try things out… that needs to be done in a particular way so we don’t need to over commit- it’s about optimized resources”

“In modern portfolio theory- we are really talking about risk diversification- and by having a portfolio of investments you can element the systemic risks.”




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