Next Gen Gov Asia — Governing in an Age of Long Emergencies

“Everything that we are doing is an experiment, governance experiments for learning and reforming at a pace faster than ever”*

Today’s world is a systemocracy: a world of near real-time interdependency and new shared regional vulnerabilities. The pandemic is exposing its vulnerabilities.

Sensemaking — grounding our work in the realities of “the strange now”

The need for “a new how” — Real Time, High Speed, Full Scale

NextGenGovAsia: a collaborative journey with policymakers from across Asia

Over the next 6 months, we will bring together leading civil servants, diverse partners from the national ecosystems from the private sector to community groups, and global experts to work on the 5 priorities areas identified above.

In the Asia-Pacific region, we are interpreting the renewed mandate for innovation as an opportunity to reframe: follow us and contribute as we explore

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