Post Covid-19 Local Food Systems- and related systemic responses to the new world

The recent emergence of Covid-19 has underscored the need for social innovation to help those who are most vulnerable. In the context of Southern Thailand, the platform has helped to assess the impact of the pandemic on the local food industry and communities. This has been instrumental in discovering ways for the local food industry to re-invent itself and adapt to a post-Covid-19 ‘new normal’ situation, for instance by adopting new digital technologies.

Listening and analyzing what has changed with COVID-19

Interviews with Luukriang social enterprise members and visualization of first mapping and connections
Fish drying in a Sai Buri factory, Pattani

Sensemaking to understand how local communities are affected by Covid-19

Personas around the food system and Covid-19 in Southern Thailand

The importance of a Portfolio to maximize investments and impact



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