The art of portfolio development: building a movement

Movement-Building- What does it Mean in our Context?

Self-Understanding: The state of the intervener

Storytelling and dialogue are essential for the meaning-making and creating ownership in a community
  • Establish credibility (i.e., show short-term value) for the value of applying an innovation approach to address time-sensitive development challenges (waste management). To do this we ran a quick experiment and research to unearth important insights for the local stakeholders. Importantly, we not only ran this experiment with the local government’s interests in mind but included them in running the experiment so they could “learn by doing”.
  • Articulate a vision and accompanying pathways for responding to pain points of the local community that would enable these stakeholders to look at the challenge-space with “fresh eyes” and be open to new promising practices and interventions without being overwhelmed by complexity or underwhelmed by lack of progress until now. This was achieved through our system-based challenge reframing and development of sequence of initial probing portfolios.
Connecting the dots: Department of Natural Resource with Circular Economy Hub innovators




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